Three Easy Ways to Participate

1. Join a small group

2. Do it as a couple or family  

3. Do as an indiviual at

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This is Dr. C Dexter Wise, III pastor faith ministries church in Columbus, OH inviting you to join me in our entire church family on a journey from good to great.

In a day where evil is pervasive, wicked seems to be the way of the world, and the demonic is having a heyday, good sounds pretty good.

In fact, all of our lives we have been encouraged and steer toward the good.

Be a good little boy
Be a good little girl
Go to a good school
Get a good job
Look for a good husband
Look for the good wife
Move into a good neighborhood
Be a good Christian 
Join a good church

Of course, there's nothing wrong with good except God is calling us beyond good to great.

In this new series based on this book with the same name by Pastor Chip Ingram we will get 10 simple but powerful common practices of great Christians.

Each week, for ten weeks, we will consider one of these 10 common practices during the week and then on Sundays I'll preach on that practice.

Here they are. Great Christians…

1.   Think great thoughts
2.   Read great books
3.   Pursue great people
4.   Dream great dreams
5.   Pray great prayers
6.   Take great risks
7.   Make great sacrifices.
8.   Enjoy great moments
9.   Empower great people
10. Develop great habits

There are several ways that you can take advantage of this exciting series and participate along with us in this journey.

The first way we are recommending is that everyone either leads or becomes a member of a small group which meets every week for 10 weeks to consider these materials together. 

Second way is for families or couples to follow along online at There you can watch the video and go through the lesson anytime 24/7 for free. In order to get into rightnow media you must be invited by us accept the invitation. To get your invitation just send me an email with your email address and we will send you an invitation right away.

The third way is for those who absolutely cannot meet in a small group or with another person for one of many reasons. You can follow along as an individual on right now media and then join us on Sundays where together we will consider each of the practices in our sermon.

Whether you participate in small group at the church, in the community or as a couple or family at home, or as an individual who is following along on their smart phone this is a great time for us as a body of Christ and his church to move from good to great

Remember, we’re not moving from good to great simply in order to be great, but we’re moving from good to great moving in God's eyes. 

Come along with us as we answer the call to greatness.

Three Easy Ways to Participate

1. Join a small group

2. Do it as a couple or family     at

3. Do as an indiviual at

To be invited to join rightnow media, click here.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015
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Sunday, September 20, 2015
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